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What’s so good about Easter?

March 28, 2013

EggI wonder what sprung to mind when you read that question? What IS so good about Easter?! Perhaps you thought of a long weekend? Chocolate? Family? I am planning to enjoy all of those things, but as they are good things, I would also encourage you to think of the man who caused there to be an Easter to celebrate in the first place.

Perhaps Jesus wasn’t the first thing which sprung to mind when I asked ‘What’s so good about Easter?’, but I would suggest that HE makes Easter so good! Jesus dying on the cross and rising again makes Easter brilliant. I stumbled upon this quote, which I found useful in thinking about why Easter is so good:

I have tried to understand what crucifixion must feel like. I just know that the pain must be beyond what I have ever experienced. I respect, love, and trust the One who endured all this when He didn’t have to.
– Marina Nemat, from After Tehran: A Life Reclaimed

Crucially Jesus didn’t HAVE to die, but He chose to. Jesus chose to die in our place so that people like you and me could be forgiven for ignoring our Creator and for all the bad stuff we do. The events of Easter mean that we can be in relationship with our loving Heavenly Father, even though we don’t deserve it and could never earn it. Wesley sums it up so well in the classic hymn ‘And can it be’;

No Condemnation now I dread;
Jesus, and all in him, is mine!
Alive in him, my living Head,
And clothed in righteousness divine,
Bold I approach the eternal throne,
And claim the crown, through Christ my own

But as with any gift, we have to choose whether to accept it or not. Imagine you were sent a cheque for your birthday (terribly old fashioned, I know, but some people still do it!) – you have to choose whether you think that the cheque has value and act accordingly. You have to choose whether you bank it and thank the giver, or just throw it away. It’s all very well if Auntie Mabel has money waiting to give you, but if you shred the cheque and don’t choose to accept it, it’s no good to you!

So, I would encourage you this Easter to take some time to think of the One who gave His life, so that we may Know Him and truly live. Those who accept Jesus’ amazing gift will want to join in singing:

And we are raised with Him
Death is dead love has won Christ has conquered
And we shall reign with Him
For He lives Christ is risen from the dead
– From See what a morning

I hope that you have a great Easter!

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